ISSUE#2 Complications Rise

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ISSUE#2 Complications Rise Empty ISSUE#2 Complications Rise

Post by Admin on Wed Dec 26, 2018 8:08 pm

Aquaman alongside his fellow Atlanteans lead an attack on a large group of gimmicks, both hero and villain, while trying to apprehend Billy Batson who was trying to intercept the meteorite to prevent it from getting Into Atlantean hands. Billy thought he could work with now retired Barry Allen, a brilliant mind, to figure out the meteorite mystery on their own. However Aquaman, in a battle in the Metropolis neighborhoods, collected the meteorite from Billy and took it down to Atlantis along with several prisoners that wrre among the gimmicks that fought back.

Arthur Curry revealed his three attacks on Earth each had a reason.

Smallville attack: First attempt to collect the meteorite that crash landed on Earth and killed any police that prevented them entry. Aquaman felt he was solely responsible for Earths protection and took it upon himself to defend Atlantis and its people (who are of earth) by ANY means necessary.

Metropolis Pier Attack: To create a diversion to kidnap Batman so no one would stop them. Aquaman later revealed he kidnapped Batman so he could force him to help the Atlanteans construct spaceships for them to travel to earths atmosphere and investigate an attack on a NASA space station in Earths Orbit.

Metropolis Neighborhood Attack: To collect the meteorite taken by Billy Batson who was trying to solve the meteorite mystery alongside Barry Allen who both thought Aquaman wanted the meteorite for evil purposes. Prisoners were taken since they fought alongside Billy Batson.

Those who were taken, were taken to Atlantis and were confronred by Aquaman. They inspected the meteor and found a dead Green Lantern inside who left a recording of his audio journal. It warned of the Red Lanterns invading Earth to destroy the last HQ of the Blue Lantern Corps and have been investigating under a low profile.

Aquaman had killed civillians to draw in and distract the Heroes and other gimmicks so they could properly pull off the diversion.

Furthermore, Aquaman orders the prisoners to be release if they return to Atlantis when theyre called upon to help aid them in the fight against the Red Lanterns . He threatens them with nukes forcibly built by Batman who was kidnapped and forced to do so. He threatened he would unleash these weapons upon the Earth if they failed to meet his demands.

What will they do? Will they aid Aquaman or make him fight the Red Lanterns on his own?

OOC: Just gonna say right now hes not really Arthur Curry. Letting you all knoe cause ive gotten complaints on his character.


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